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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

JMH gets piggy for TM Campaign
The Team Member Campaign mascot was a celebrity at JMH, as the hospital was a big reason the fundraising campaign was a success this year. Across MSHA, the TM Campaign raised nearly $209,000. The man behind the mascot mask: Steve Baker, radiology PACS administrator at JMH.

JMH gets piggy for TM Campaign

Johnston Memorial Hospital certainly found a way to make the 2013 MSHA Team Member Campaign a fun event. The result was more than $33,000 raised for the TM Campaign, an annual fundraising drive to benefit several crucial funds that the Mountain States Foundation oversees.

The overall campaign raised nearly $209,000, making it the most successful one yet. And for those who were wondering, the name of the TM Campaign pig mascot is Starr.

JMH embraced the “piggy” theme for this year’s Team Member Campaign like no other facility did, sparked by the enthusiastic participation of Steve Baker, radiology PACS administrator, who donned a piggy costume and made appearances all over the hospital. If you didn’t get your photo taken with the pig at JMH, you just weren’t trying.

JMH team members started things by sending out campaign fliers and emails inspired by the TMC mascot, a pig (who’s also a piggy bank). A “TMC Raceway” graphic of a virtual pig race around a racetrack, showing where various MSHA facilities ranked in fundraising during the campaign, was emailed regularly to team members. There was also a piggy bank decorating contest, a silent auction and more at JMH.

Baker came up with a back story for the mascot, a tale he called “The Gift of Pignochio,” in which the pig dreams of someday becoming a real pig – and then that dream became a reality when the pig came to life and became a facility celebrity during the Team Member Campaign in late March.

The piggy was seen greeting team members and visitors, playing with little children, getting hugs, facing off against pet therapy dogs, driving the patient escort cart, having a CT scan, meeting up with the JMH Café chicken mascot and even being arrested by security.

“Pig jokes filled the halls, secret whispers of what each department was doing with the Piggy Pageant design contest could be overheard in the departments, and questions or discussions about each day’s pig racing results were the water-cooler talk each day,” Baker wrote. “As the campaign began to roll down, the big question was ‘What are we doing next year?’ ”

Johnston Memorial ended up raising $23,103 and was the first facility ever to win two MSHA “incentive” bonuses of $5,000 each, bringing the hospital total to more than $33,000. MSHA Corporate raised the most money, with JCMC leading among the hospitals at $37,054. JMH was next, followed by IPMC at $21,438.

  • Russell County Medical Center won a $5,000 incentive for highest percentage of participation (provided the total is above $5,000), with 41.7 percent making donations.
  • JMH was the $5,000 incentive winner for highest percentage increase in participation, going from 17.5 percent last year to 28 percent this year, an increase of 10.5 percent.
  • JMH also earned a $5,000 incentive for facility with the highest dollar increase from last year, raising $8,861 more than last year.

While the pig didn’t come to life in other facilities the way it did at JMH, its presence was felt all around MSHA, and 657 team members even submitted name suggestions for it. The winning name of “Starr” was submitted by both Martha Brown and Laura Whitaker. They each received a $50 Wal-Mart gift card.

The Team Member Campaign benefits the Team Member Emergency Fund, the Helping Hands Program, the Greatest Need Fund, Circle of Hope, Radiation Oncology and the Support Your Own Facility program. It can help out team members, families, friends and patients, depending on the fund.

Everyone who made a donation to the Team Member Campaign received a special pin. Those who haven’t picked theirs up can do so at their administration office or at the Foundation office.