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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Daily VP Blog another good way to communicate with HR
Jamie Parsons, MSHA's vice president for HR, posts updates on his new blog about what Human Resources is doing, and he encourages team member feedback.

New Daily VP Blog another good way to communicate with HR

 Mountain States Health Alliance team members have plenty of ways to communicate their thoughts to Human Resources, but Jamie Parsons, vice president for HR, has added another one – a direct communication with him via the HR Daily Blog.

 Parsons will post regular items about what HR is doing, and team members are encouraged to check the posts and post their ideas and feedback. As long as it’s done in a respectful manner, he wants to hear what team members have to say.

 The blog began on June 18.

 “We’re always looking for ways to improve things and to communicate better with team members,” Parsons said. “I’d been to meetings and heard about other companies doing it, like Exxon, Merck and Pfizer, so we thought we’d give it a try.

 “I think team members are reading it or hearing about it, because I’ve gotten emails or heard people talk about things that are on the blog. Now we want to get people to respond on the blog and start interacting that way.”

 To access the blog, go to the HR page on the MSHA intranet and click on “VP of HR Blog” in the upper right-hand corner.

 So far, Parsons’ posts have included messages about Fit 4 Life, the new O.C. Tanner team member recognition plan, the College 529 Savings Plan, the new HR video being made and the next lunch he’ll share with team members (this one at Smyth County Community Hospital).

 HR already gets team member feedback from Team Member Advisory Group (TMAG) meetings, focus groups meetings, luncheons with Parsons, department meetings and through other methods. Parsons said the TMAG meetings get the most feedback from team members, but it’s important to use as many channels as possible for communication across MSHA.

 “This new blog is a frank, two-way communication with our team members, and it’s a method that’s right out of the Baldrige model, which is MSHA’s business model,” he said.